A Prayer

Like salt crystals in your hair
Breathing the vastness of the ocean,
Like snowflakes upon your cheeks
Melting to a teary, pure passion,
Like eyes of jasmine in your eyes
Bathing in scent divine all colours,
Like the moon upon your lips
Weaving a wall of light in eyes,
Like autumn’s red rivers from your palms
Streaming fire leaves in evening skies,
Like spirals of smoke from your mouth
Censing to silence a world unbound —
Your love, madness weaved within madness,
Your love, poetry’s red sun reciting from heights,
Your love, a listening eye piercing hearts to life,
Your love, an unequivocal desire to drown, to rise,
Your love, a deep forest where a single leaf falls,
Your love, a lake reflecting the deep face of heart.


لغز عينيك

الاعين نوافذ الروح؛
وأنا عندما نظرت في عينيها
ماذا رأيت؟
ما هذا البحر الذي يستهويني؟
يغرقني ليحييني؟
يغرقني ليجعلني كالطير
. المسافر في فضاء روحها
 ايا امرأة من نار ونور
، اروي عطشي من ماء عينيك
أحسي بجناحي داخل صدرك
. يرسمان سماء بلون عينيك
في داخلي نار عشق لا تنطفئ
. لمعرفة لغز عينيك


حتى أشعر بدفئك
يتغلغل في صدري
غامرا قلبي
،متدفقا في عروقي
وآخذك في داخلي
كأن حياتك وحياتي
وروحك وروحي
قد التحما
 فلم نعد ندري
،من أنا ومن أنت
وبين أحضاني
أشعر بك
،نورا يذوب فيي
ولا أريد لهذا العناق
.ان ينتهي

Letter, March 26, 2019

Choose her from a place of strength and abundance of love, because your heart does not tire from gazing into the mystery of her eyes, because she enlivens your soul and with her light fills up your life. Choose her because you want to be her anchor and safe house, because you want to cradle her desires and dreams, because you are so full in your love for her that you are able to make her overflow with love and light. Choose her because you want her with your whole heart.

With My Heart

Not with my eyes,
I see her with my heart;
with my heart
I touch her face,
run my fingers through her hair;
with my heart
I hear her voice,
her laughter,
her unspoken words;
with my heart
I listen to her breath,
know what she keeps
locked in her heart,
her deepest longings,
her fears, her dreams,
her desires for tomorrow,
and her boundless ache to be loved;
with my heart I know her
and offer her my heart,
my life and manhood;
with my heart
I gaze into her eyes
and see my life,
past and future,
our unborn children,
and count all the stars in the universe
one by one;
not with my eyes,
I see her with my heart.

Thank you for the pain, Love

This pain you gave me
as you left I’ll take
as a parting gift,
I’ll cherish it, nurture it,
and grow it in my heart
until I am strong again,
stronger than I was,
until my depth as a man
through this pain is expanded,
until I can, at last,
give the pain of losing you
to the world again
as a gift of love,
becoming a better man
than the one I was.
In this way I remain faithful
to the love we shared,
in this way I remain faithful
to your heart of unbound love,
in this way I release you from me
and give you back to the world, as love…


فلم أكن اتوقعها؛
وأخذت قلبي كالعاصفة؛
وعلمت قلبي معنى
الخفقان والنبض؛
هي التي لم أعرف
الا وجهها في أحلامي؛
ولم أعرف أنها هي
الا بعد أن رحلت؛
ثم تركتني غارقا
في عطرها وشعرها
وصوتها وبريق عينيها؛
وها أنا أنتظرها
عل الانتظار
يمل يوما مني
ويريني الطريق
…إلى قلبها