Haiku # 541

à toucher ton visage je deviens
l’haleine des étoiles


Mon cœur
abime sans borne
où meurent les étoiles


Entre nos lèvres
le pacte invisible
des étoiles de nuit


This poetry that I write, addressed to no one.

By the autumn road
waiting for no one
I listen to the wind


Unfree Poet

In my solitude I live,
The mortal wound which the knife
Of dame poetry did give
Bleeds a sea around my isle.

‘Who would venture into me?’
In starry nights and lone dawns
My waves in rattling chains sing
The clutch of infinity.

What am I? An adventure
Though a prisoner I be,
And the dungeon holding me
Burns aquiver with dawn-light.

Unfree thoroughly, and yet,
You tears, you fire, I do bless,
And pray the ache in my chest
Spread you wider poetry.