Tanka # 179

This solitude
it grows around me,
waning like the light
of a candle
slowly fading away.


Who comes here where I live
On icy peaks of rocks and stones,
Abandoned and full of a grief
That calls for a friend I’ll never know.

Desolation breaks and buds
With flowers that smell of cold snow,
Star-breath, a space of emptiness
Fills my soul to its hollow bones.


لم يعد يعرفني أحد
،ولا حتى قصيدتي
ذلك العصفور
ضاق فيه القفص في صدري
زهرة الربيع على
الغصن الأخضر
تفتقت بذكرى
،لم تعد تعرفني
حصاد السنين
وحدة قاتلة
وريح كلما اقترب نفسها من وجهي
وبذور حب
نبتت فوق صدر امرأة
.مجبولة بالسراب والألم

Unfree Poet

In my solitude I live,
The mortal wound which the knife
Of dame poetry did give
Bleeds a sea around my isle.

‘Who would venture into me?’
In starry nights and lone dawns
My waves in rattling chains sing
The clutch of infinity.

What am I? An adventure
Though a prisoner I be,
And the dungeon holding me
Burns aquiver with dawn-light.

Unfree thoroughly, and yet,
You tears, you fire, I do bless,
And pray the ache in my chest
Spread you wider poetry.