Tanka # 198

My eyes
opening them slowly
to my lover’s kiss –
No! It was just the roll
of distant thunder!


Her kiss
thunders in my head;
as it fades
it leaves my heart
drenched in warm rain.

Haiku # 649 | Tanka# 191

Her flowering skin…
The moon unfolding
midnight stories


من الفسخ الموجع في قلبي
أتلمّس بأنامل مرتجفة
الضوء الذي يأتيني من وجهها


This poetry –
with every verse
I attempt to say
the intimate language
of her eyes.

Cette poésie –
avec chaque verset
j’essaie de le dire,
le langage intime des yeux
de la femme que j’aime.