Letter, January 28, 2018

Poetry has delivered me into the intuition of her light – She is God’s divine light shining through me. I feel her and I feel into the heart of being. And the words that then arise are like the foam rising from that experience, her in me, me taken into her. That is how it feels in my heart. And so poetry whispers – light is what we are. Words are like veils lifting, leaving us in the embrace of the naked experience underneath. The more we open to the experience, the light, the more our words change and deepen. I exist as this act of deepening into this light. This, for me, is poetry. And the light is her; the radiance of the divine.

Dissolved in Your Light

The passing clouds
what the heart already knows,
“no home but the infinity
of your eyes.”

This the lighthouse
within the sacred core,
this the prayer
invisibly unfolding
the world from the silence
of the blue dawn.

So the clouds teach
the wisdom of your sky
as I listen to my heart beat,
and suddenly, subtly,
this stirring meditation
turns the inward outward
and in this marvelous inversion
I am found and lost
on the curve of your wave,
dissolved in your light.

Eternal Feast of Light

All my poems
pooled into her skin
filling her to saturation
then flowed,
decanting her in my heart,
there to live,
there to grow,
there to burn as my art,
there to become
my secret breath and thought,
a poem made of fire,
the ground that sustains
the cycle of life,
the sky where divine messengers
go to dwell and hold
the eternal feast of light.

We exchanged our names for love’s

We exchanged our names for love’s
and our garments like autumn leaves fell
revealing us to our core
as our eyes merged to become the sky,
as our lips melted into the garden of spring,
as our hearts, joined, became the hidden throb
pulsating through life,
bequeathing on dawn his silent wine,
with the fine ether of eternity
enwombing creation like a second sky.

Senryu # 54

What is a poem?
A clear dewdrop reflecting
The light of the sun.


We, too, as individuals, are poems. We are as good as we are clear, transparent, pure, for, the clearer, purer, and more transparent, the more radiant the light of the divine in us is reflected, the greater the effulgence of our heart in the embrace of the light of God. To become pure—let that be your striving. To become poems worthy of the light.

Free Verse # 146 (fire for poetry)

Over your body
I break my heart
and scatter its wine
over the sanctity of your hills,
poems unfurling like dark petals,
soaking through your blood.


Flicking my tongue along the curves
of your honey-dipped words
a flame in my throat burns
and I become a dragon
breathing fire for poetry


let me sip from your lips
the poetry of love


Like the wind caressing the fields of spring
your breath breezes through my ribs,
stroking to a tender ecstasy
the sea of my flowers.


Drunk on your caresses
you gently tilt my head
and I sigh all my essence
into your luminous heart


In the silence of the heart
a dawn is constantly breaking,
flowers suckling at the luminous sky,
and lovers, entangled, spreading ecstasy.