Flowering Solitude – My First Book of Poetry

Flowering Solitude, my first book of poetry dedicated to my sister, Sarah Mhanna.

If you wish to purchase it, go here.

Flowering Solitude, March 31, 2016

Flowering Solitude, Back Cover

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4 thoughts on “Flowering Solitude – My First Book of Poetry

  1. Congratulations! Hopefully your book will be found by grateful readers and your poetry will light their souls.
    Is there a possibility to buy a copy? Please send me a dm on Twitter.

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  2. Thank you my friend. I appreciate your kind wishes. I certainly hope my poetry would touch the hearts of some. The thought brings me tremendous joy.
    A copy can be bought via the publisher’s website. It’s not up yet but it will be soon. I’ll send you a message once that is possible.


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