Haiku # 535

Through the gray mist
the red gleam
of a smoldering pomegranate


A l’entendre respirer
mon cœur doucement rassemble
la couleur de l’aube


Haiku # 530

my poem slowly taking
the color of her eyes


As the day passes I think of you
the way the wind envisions
the face of the sky


The wind is silent
but I can still hear
your voice in the sky


Haleine des étoiles…
mon poème s’entrouvre
à l’insondable nuit


Meditating on light…
her face, slowly,
unveiling my soul

The Mystery of Your Ways

By the jasmine tree,
under the moon at dawn
I am waiting for you,
your silence since long
arrived before you
but only now
have I begun to hear
the whisper of your voice,
your silence since long
announced your presence
but only now
am I beginning to feel
the freshness of your breath,
and as I walk away at last,
as I walk away
into the rising day
a strange power carries me on
almost like a wave,
imperceptible, unexplainable,
asking me to let go,
to trust and surrender
to the mystery of your ways.