Haiku # 656

Dekwane, Lebanon, November 06, 2019

To an unheard music
waltzing at dusk…
the pine tree and the moon


Free Verse # 112 (summer fruits of love)

The wildflower awaits
her beloved’s gentle touch
to release all her fragrance.


a giveaway song flutters in the air
filling outstretched cups with a warm wine
and preparing love and lovers for the blazing night.


His gentle strokes and presence,
a spring wind shivering her roots and branches
as fruits fall ripe and full in love’s basket,
a gift to his hungry mouth.


Waiting to be plucked,
Stars in your eyes, glistening,
Summer fruits of love.


A one-rose garden,
my heart in your womb, pulsing,
birthing seeds of life.