Wandering Thought # 70

The focus of our current modes of education is creating surfs for the economic machine, and not real and whole human beings, ready for a life brimming with loss and hope, anxiety and longing. Education in its current form leaves us underdeveloped precisely in those areas we need most, areas that would enable our full maturity and our growing into our full potential.


Wandering Thought # 25

The more we grow the more we realize how inadequate our education in the face of life—it prepares us for no more than being practical, which means, cogs in the economic machine, useful to it as appendixes, but as for relationships, hurt, death, suffering, joy, creativity, birth, and all the rest, it has so very little to say, so very little to offer—it does not care for us as human beings, individuals. In small and great matters we have to educate ourselves, find strength, fortitude, and will in ourselves. On the rich and wealthy human history of literature, painting, poetry, philosophy our education draws so very little, it draws only on what is necessary for us to become socially and economically functional. But we others, we human beings, we free spirits, we breathe differently, we will differently, and our education always begins late in our life.