Haiku # 684

…أوراق الخريف
بلا أثر يذهب
كل شيء


Autumn begins…
my heart a yellow leaf
listening to the wind

L’automne commence…
mon cœur est une feuille jaune
à l’écoute du vent

الخريف يبدأ
قلبي ورقةٌ صفراء تنصت
الى الريح


ولّى نصفها
حياتي التي تغوص
في ضباب الخريف

Its half gone
my life that steeps
in autumn mist

Tanka # 192

On my table at night
from amid the pages of my book
a crackling sound rises;
a fireplace burning
with the ink of longing.


Her breath
a flower
unfolding its petals
inside the womb
of his touch


The fog is rising;
with dew on my clothes
I keep walking,
following the path
wherever it would go…