Tanka # 86

Freydoon Rassouli, Breath of Dawn

In dawn’s still hush
the breath of poetry
rubs against her cheeks;
full of sighs the wind
pours with dew.


Queen of Flow

More than her sexiness
and sensual appeal
it was her light
that attracted him,
the deep receptiveness of her heart
that surged through her face
like a moon filling the sky,
the aura of her being
overtaking him
like the waters of the sea
call out the sailing ship,
opening him to the horizons
of eternity.

Queen of Flow by Freydoon Rassouli
Queen of Flow by Freydoon Rassouli

Free Verse # 202 (love has kissed their souls)

The passion of the ages
Harnessed in your cup
And I, a desert wanderer,
An itinerant heart
Whose endless thirst
Only your juice can slake.


My scent lingering on your skin
At night like a snake twists and turns,
Pressing my essence ever deeper,
Soaking you, whole.


Freydoon Rassouli, Birth of the Sun
Freydoon Rassouli, Birth of the Sun

Exuberant sun
From amid her hills rising –
Love has kissed her soul.


Poetry made flesh –
She, a cosmos of wild stars
Burning through the sky.


Where is she? I sighed,
And my breath like a bright star
Furrowed through the sky.


What of mind remains when your kiss
Being and heart has soaked in bliss
Incinerating to the core
A flesh that laps your endless shore