Bringing me Home

You live in me
as that which gives the diamond
its sheen,
as the radiance inside
the rays of sunlight,
as the secret unfolding
in the blue hush of dawn.

You live in me
but how
it cannot be said,
and as these metaphors
try to utter your how
my heart implodes
with a spaciousness
the entire universe
cannot begin to fill.

You live in me
in a way I cannot reason
or explain,
in a way I can only fathom
by opening up to you
and drinking the beauty and the pain
of my surrender.

You live in me
and through your living
I realize how everything in you
is an eternal beginning,
that life is a flowering spring
even in the midst of winter and death,
even in the throes of shattering of loss.

Long ago
your absence whispered in my ear
and my heart
became an altar of longing
burning with the oil
of your secret:
in you everything is completed,
in you the circle is full.

So abandon me
and let the pain of your abandonment
cut deepest into my skin,
for that is how you push the seed in me
through the soil of your garden,
awakening me to your light
and bringing me home.


Free Verse # 117 (home)

All the poetry our hearts bled
we shall one day bring with us
as we travel to the forest deep,
red twigs and leaves
with which we would weave
our forever home,
a beating heart,
a warm, loving nest.


When your love stepped into me
my body fell like a morning breeze
drunk on the fragrance of your rising sun,
then it rose to blow eastward,
forever inhabiting the edge of your dawn.


No feeling I want more
than the feeling which is denied to me,
home, the touch of your hand…


This burning house,
let it fall over our heads,
exhale us into the sky.