Haiku # 732

Spring morning…
a crow jumping
happily in the grass

صباحٌ ربيعي
حتى الغراب يقفذ
سعيداً في الأعشاب

One day I will touch you
and it will all make sense
in my heart

‏يوماً ما سألمسك
وعندها ستجد الحياة
معنىً في قلبي


The Sacred Longing

At the core of each of us
there is a sacred longing,
an ever burning flame
that quivers with divine light,
it is the restless source
ever pulling at our heart,
turning our pain and sorrow
into its own exquisite wine,
it is the voice of God
in a quiet moment,
it is the rose opening us
to the eternity of the sky.

There is a sacred longing at the core of each of us, it’s how God taps into our hearts, uniting us all through the grace of Love.

The Nest

A small bird
pecks the ground
looking for small twigs
to make its nest.

I, sitting close by,
reading my book,
wonder if I’m not doing the same,
searching amid the words
for little twigs
to make my own nest,
the nest that will warm
my soul and heart.

Yet I know,
no matter how far and deep
I search, no matter
the twigs I find
and the worded nests I build,
no nest will truly hold my soul
and keep my heart warm
as the palms of your hands
cupping my aging face,
as your love holding me
through this long life.

I Write to You

I write to you
the way a bird
feels the wind
gliding under his wings,
the way the fire crackles
with passionate heat
to consume ever wildly,
the way a root
with infinite patience
descends into the dark;
I write to you
the way the rain
kisses the earth
after a long summer,
the way a monk
prays to God
in the solitude of his cell;
I write to you the way
wine ferments in darkness
and wheat grows gold
in the summer sun,
the way dawn fills the heart
with the still clarity of its light.
I write to you because I love you
and you have turned my life
into a journey of love.