Amid Her Waves

Unknown photographer
Unknown photographer

The length of her back
a wild symphony of waves
into one another clashing,
frothing white and lashing
salt in endless sprays,
weaving the air into poems fraught
with soft melting hymns,
each in midair curving
into a soft burning flame
then weeping, in my palms,
on my aching fingertips
the unbearable desire
to course through her waves,
become the sailor whose ship
plunges ever deeper into her mist,
become the red sun whose lips
shiver with a boundless thirst
to imbibe her frothing wine
and be drunk, drunk, drunk
on this softest of all cruelties.

Ecstatic Unity

It rolls and falls off my lips,
my being’s essence condensed
in a honeyed drop of poetry,
and your tongue, extended,
receives it eagerly,
as then from behind
the crystal surface of your eyes
a thousand flame-tongues
flick and turn
eyeing me fervently,
your body
a fiery-serpent’s swaying motion
maddened as it hisses and moves
over me, held and guided into me,
bared fangs churning
with poetry’s honeyed venom
ardent for the bite, spill, and suckle
of blood and milk and honey and wine
spinning us in a divine dance
of fainted bodies soldered in ecstatic unity.

The Fountain of Your Grace

I inhale the dawn and plant its breaths
in sweet and tender kisses wound
like jasmines round your soft thighs,
sow its stars deep in the heat of your flesh
scribing them to burning verses
etched with the tip of my tongue
as your moistness seeps from the sacred well
coating thighs, jasmines, stars, verses, and tongue,
calling my mouth to rise, spill and exhale
all the accumulated light deep inside the shivering lips,
the walls leading to your womb and heart,
calling forth your ocean of unbound joy,
a watery song washing upon my face,
the fountain of purity gifting
my open palms with your infinite grace.

Free Verse # 92

I am dust scattered at the feet of my Beloved.


Where your naked feet touch the earth, flowers bloom.
Stars race to gather in your hair,
in your eyes, the sun and moon.


Come into me.
I am a turbulent sea which
salty waves shall rub you
whole and white,
salt-kissed, naked, and open
on my shore.


Spreading from your dark eyes,
night, on angel wings flutters in my heart,
wetting my hair and face
with the tender rush of dreams,
sinking in my eyes the warm stars of sleep.


Night of chaos and beautiful dreams,
birthing stars from wombs unseen,
come into my heart.


All the tears you weep in your sleep
at dawn I find them,
upon my eyelashes,
between my eyelids,
crystallized into stars.


You weep, and tears fall from my eyes;
your heart sings, and my lips are a stream of smiles.


Your lust,
a river of moans fluxing through my body,
arching my back and shattering me,
at the moment of ecstasy,
into endless streams of stars
coursing through your body,
under your skin.


With your fiery hands
grab hold of my body
as it melts into thirsty water,
splash me over your curves,
soak me into your skin
and let my ardent lips
find your womb and heart,
the inside of your breasts.


Even your shadow sears my soul with a desire to burn into you.


Between your hills I build my temple,
there worship and pray, fast and feast,
flow my laughter and tears to the end of my days.

To worship you for a lifetime, and more…

I Mold You, I Bake You

I squeeze the moon over your body,
scattering its white musk
over the sanctity of your hills,
then slowly yet firmly knead the wetness,
sinking it to your womb’s waters,
making your heart and breath
come to a standstill.


Your flesh,
dough under my fingers,
in the heat of my passion
baking into a bread-loaf that I raise,
to melt in my mouth.

Of Feasts

Let me knead your belly
slowly raising the moon
to birth it full from upon your lips,
crowning a heaven shivering
with the surge of your watery moans.


You gaze into my eyes,
the hidden pool of my soul
and sweet words come
dripping off your mouth,
rolling full and lush from your lips,
poetry littering your breasts and belly
like ripe figs and crimson grapes
aching to be crushed
between our merging bodies,
to be a feast for the fiery hunger
raging inside my chest.

I Harness You

With each curve of my pen
your desire falls wet and burning
upon the aching paper,
moaning and sighing poems,
serpentine limbs writhing and twirling,
uncontrollably exploding into stars
scattered in the empty heaven.

I harness you, love,
like the silent full moon
harnesses the stars
and writes them into the earth’s womb,
into the warm dreams of lovers.

I write you and harness you, my own.

Free Verse # 83

Under the rain of my kisses
your frown unfolds
into a field of flowers,
your vinegar becomes honey,
your water, wine.


In times of peace,
in times of war,
our bed is a home
where love unfolds.


I be your bed,
cradling your soul and body
as they slip between the stars.


You walk into me and I walk
into the heart of spring.


Thirst brings me closer to your watery lips;
hunger, to the banquet of your breasts;
the cold, to the warmth of your breath;
and the pain, to your fingers’ healing touch.

Altar of Ecstasy

Love’s chills,
tender ripples of ecstasy
coursing underneath our skin,
harbingers of abandonment
in the burning mouth of stars.

The tree of white flowers
blossoms inside our merged bodies,
arching our backs and breaking our ribs
as it raises us to deliver us, headless,
to the altar of the sky.