Letter, October 05, 2019

Lived simply, in deep attention and presence, a life can be so full that its echo reverberates to the stillness of the stars — the garden’s dust on my shoes, a good book, a cup of aged wine, and your face, beloved, hovering around all things like a cloud, their inner light, their intimate aura. I write to you today as the sun sets over another autumn day, as the wind withers away the leaves and grass leaving nature and my thoughts bared down to their essence. Time is moving and life is trickling away, yet a deeper stillness is settling in my heart. It feels to me as though, if I lift my hand, I could almost touch your face; as though the warmth of your breath is mingled with mine. This silence is a prayer. I listen to the wind in the yellowing leaves. I write another poem penned with the ink of your love.


Haiku # 648

His words in her ears…
Seashells divulging
the secret of the sea
A la table du poète
devant l’encrier
songe le vieux papier
Ses cheveux noirs
maison aux eaux coulants
au fond de la terre
Matin brisé
par la brume…
Le souffle de la mer
A l’abri du silence
la chandelle fane
lentement la nuit
Peignant la nuit
le noir
de ses cheveux.
Notre amour
dans dix milles ans…
Etoile sur la mer
Eight to five job…
the bird at my window
teasing with his smile
Haiku pond
the shadow of a bird
passing at dusk
Fallen in love…
The changed color
of her eyes

Free Verse # 416 (all this poetry)

She is silent
and yet I whisper,
like the autumn winds
I whisper
into the silence
of her sky.

I populate her absence
with the breath of the tea I sip
and the scent of autumn leaves.


Front sur front,
nos yeux deux mers
coulant l’une dans l’autre,
no corps, deux rives
et entre nous
la rivière de l’éternité.


Your absence
like a burning candle
has melted away my body;
I am a sea of frozen ache
in the waiting nook of time.


A girl wearing
sunset for a body;
she is the dawn
the dew of poetry;
in the sway of her hips
the oceans move;
in the fragrance of her hair
the scent of autumn woods.


A flame as she dies
embraces the sky;
all this poetry
is a river
tugging me down
and deeper down
to the ocean
that is you.


In this world of wonder all I know is the beauty of your face.


If I could retain one word
and have my life turn within it
I’d choose the word “silence,”
because in it, there you are.