The Mystery of Your Ways

By the jasmine tree,
under the moon at dawn
I am waiting for you,
your silence since long
arrived before you
but only now
have I begun to hear
the whisper of your voice,
your silence since long
announced your presence
but only now
am I beginning to feel
the freshness of your breath,
and as I walk away at last,
as I walk away
into the rising day
a strange power carries me on
almost like a wave,
imperceptible, unexplainable,
asking me to let go,
to trust and surrender
to the mystery of your ways.

On Love’s Perfection

I perfected myself into a flawless circle.
But then, one dawn of day
your love came with a pointed needle
gifting me with sight
and inner peace,
bursting me into
the emptiness of the blue sky.

My heart’s light
became a sunlike fountain
flowing from my face
out into the world.

By taking away from me
that which was most precious
you gifted me with a love
beyond all imaginings.

O love, I am at your feet…