What It Means To Touch Her

My thoughts
my breath
my words
melt into her
and I touch her
where she has never
been touched;
I touch her heart
I touch her soul
I light a fire in her blood;
I welcome her darkness,
I embrace her light
and I feel her in my heart
growing deeper than the earth
shining brighter than the sun;
I take her everything,
her past, present, and I future,
and I give her the gift
of my masculine heart:
I open her to God,
I open her to life,
and in that connection
I become a man
living his days
to the fullness of his heart.

I Want to Touch You

I want to touch you
yes I want,
with my heart’s fire
with my heart’s want,
and spend this life
in this weave,
a spider tangled
in your moonlit dream,
a poem rising
to its eminent height
in the silent sea
behind your eyes,
a poet vanquished
by a breath
softer than softness,
whiter than death.