Free Verse # 112 (summer fruits of love)

The wildflower awaits
her beloved’s gentle touch
to release all her fragrance.


a giveaway song flutters in the air
filling outstretched cups with a warm wine
and preparing love and lovers for the blazing night.


His gentle strokes and presence,
a spring wind shivering her roots and branches
as fruits fall ripe and full in love’s basket,
a gift to his hungry mouth.


Waiting to be plucked,
Stars in your eyes, glistening,
Summer fruits of love.


A one-rose garden,
my heart in your womb, pulsing,
birthing seeds of life.


The Fountain of Your Grace

I inhale the dawn and plant its breaths
in sweet and tender kisses wound
like jasmines round your soft thighs,
sow its stars deep in the heat of your flesh
scribing them to burning verses
etched with the tip of my tongue
as your moistness seeps from the sacred well
coating thighs, jasmines, stars, verses, and tongue,
calling my mouth to rise, spill and exhale
all the accumulated light deep inside the shivering lips,
the walls leading to your womb and heart,
calling forth your ocean of unbound joy,
a watery song washing upon my face,
the fountain of purity gifting
my open palms with your infinite grace.

A Love Song

A man in love sang out to his Beloved, the Sun:
light of my eyes,
breath of my breath,
beat of my heart,
everywhere I look I see you
a stream bursting into colour,
in everything I touch I feel you
a breath exhaled into my soul
enlivening the beats
of a heart that broke out
from the cage of ribs –
You, life within my life
from the inside bursting,
like a spring You bloom
from all the hidden pores,
You, a voice calling from behind
every small cleft and large horizon
to spread my wings and fly,
after You, forever bound
by a hidden string entwining
our hearts to the beat of One,
after You, two birds, wing to wing,
fading behind the clouds
to enter the garden of their love.