The Time is Right

On this bright morn into your face I gaze,
Ah! Changed you are my soul, free of dim haze.
Winds so heavy and laden with longing
Finally broke out of your chest thronging
And from this high cliff unto the far sea
In endless gray flocks scattered as the glee
Of your future and call from your veins glowed
Shining the light that bespeaks your abode.

Ah! How changed is your world, your hopes now speak
With a triumphant air, not mild or meek,
Your muscles I feel flexing as your limbs
Tighten and squeeze at your desires and whims.
Below and ahead the sea and the sky,
Ah! On this breath of wind, a forceful cry
Binds your heart to climb, for the time is right
To rise to your heights, a new flame ignite.

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