Free Verse # 110 (a dewdrop vanishing inside the rose)

I am wine-spirit
bubbling in the vessel of your heart.
At night you pour me,
a froth of stars in the sky.
At dusk and dawn
a crimson kiss uniting
darkness and light.


In my heart you are the ocean
and I a river rushing to your open embrace,
anxious and full of joy
to reach the source of all life,
dawn’s fountain of grace.


We are lovers through and through.
Fiery threshing only removes our clothes,
bringing our core and face to merge
into a fountain of light.


I dream of love not as a negation of all being
but as a place outside of place,
a time outside of time
where no being is left to negate.


In the presence of my beloved
I become wholly transparent,
a pure soul soaking in
her breath and fountain-eyes,
drowning in her essence,
a dewdrop vanishing inside the rose.


Does the Sufi whirl?
Or does he stand still as around him
the whole world whirls and spins?


Arriving and leaving at every moment, I am nowhere to be found.


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