Free Verse # 120 (a simple life of love)

The magic of union –
as our fingertips touch,
we become the sea.


And were your songs
not churning through my body
like rivers of stars,
I would go insane…


Listening to the night
your stars within me blossom,
crowning me, your flower.


In your absence
I am a pool of stars
boiling in the palm of heaven.
You draw near and the stars,
driven mad, scatter,
reducing me to no more
than the dawn of your presence.


The sun and moon
I set over your head,
the stars into orbits
around your neck,
and under your feet,
the dawn.


I have naught to offer, love,
but a house which dreams
flowered into jasmines and stars,
exhaling perfumed silence,
inner poetry.

A simple life of love…


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